Culver Town Hall May Soon Relocate

culver town hall
The Culver Town Hall may soon be relocating after a number of issues at their current location have prompted them to seek a new building elsewhere. According to Town Manager David Schoeff, their biggest concern is the condition of their existing building, as well as safety and health concerns. He said the cost of remodeling the building has been a regular discussion item, and the city council is now starting to increase efforts in searching for a new building.

“We do have some maintenance issues that we have to deal with, and if we stick around in this building we also have some health and safety issues that we’ll need to deal with. It’s also not very disability compliant, so those are some of the issues that we have to deal with,” Schoeff explained. (09-10-13 – Schoeff – That We Have To Deal With)

The current building, located at 200 E. Washington St., houses the offices for the town clerk, manager, EMS department and police department, as well as the office for the town council. He said the idea is to move all the departments to a new building, as the current building is not adequate for the needs of the offices.

Schoeff explained they’re starting the process of speaking with the grant writer and trying to find possible funding opportunities to minimize the cost to citizens.

“Our first goal is to get property. The second goal, obviously, is to find out how we’re going to be able to afford something, and meanwhile, we’ll be putting our thoughts together as far as design, layout, size, and so on,” said Schoeff. (09-10-13 – Schoeff – Design Layout Size So On)

The building currently housing town hall was originally built for newspaper offices, and while it has worked out for the town for many years, it’s becoming high time to find a better location.