Deer Activity to Heighten in Fall Season

As we ease into the fall season, it’s important to remember that deer are highly active between October and December which heightens the possibility of vehicle encounters with deer.

Chad Stewart, deer research biologist for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, explained that the deer breeding season is approaching which increases migration.

Deer are most active between sunset and sunrise and they often travel in groups. If you see one, another is likely nearby. Be cautious when nearing an area where you have seen deer before as they frequent the same areas. Use high beams when possible and scan roadsides for a deer’s illuminated eyes or dark silhouettes along the side of the road.

If possible, do not swerve to miss a deer. Most serious crashes occur when drivers try to miss a deer and hit something else, like a tree or another car.

Even when practicing safe driving, sometimes hitting a deer is inevitable. If you collide with a deer, do not approach the deer. Deer can be extremely dangerous. Call the proper authorities to investigate the accident.