DNR Offers GiveIN Game Program; Began Sept. 1

A program offered through the Indiana Department of Natural Resources aims to connect hunters who have opportunities to harvest additional deer with others who could use venison to feed their families. According to the DNR website, the GiveIN Game Program allows participants to contact each other through the program and arrange for the transfer of meat on their own.

The program began Sept. 1, offering opportunities for hunters to donate venison during the hunting season and exchange frozen packages of venison or deer taken on special permits outside of the hunting season. Participants must sign up each year beginning Sept. 1, but participation is free.

However, there are a few things to remember regarding the program. First, a person cannot sell, trade or barter venison per Indiana code, though venison can be gifted. The DNR is not responsible for the quantity, quality, freshness, processing, or packaging of the venison or the failure of the donor or recipient to follow through with the transfer. All hunter-harvested deer must be taken to an official deer check station within 48 hours of the harvest for registration. This can be done by the hunter who harvested the deer or someone he or she designates, as long as the designee has the temporary transportation tag that the hunter completed.

Participants will contact each other and arrange for the transfer of meat on their own. Participants may join or withdraw from the program at any time. To withdraw or edit your submission, email the Department of Fish and Wildlife with the necessary information.

Participants will have their first name, county, and preferred contact information available online to search for potential matches. Other personal information will remain confidential.