Effects of Little Savages Lives On in Culver

Cast of "Little Savages"
Cast of “Little Savages”
“Little Savages” may have wrapped up filming in Culver, but the experience of having a little bit of Hollywood in the Marshall County town lingers on.

The movie was filmed in various parts of Culver as the film crew followed the pursuits of the Savage children and their friends as they set off on an adventure to find hidden treasure.

Several items were left behind by the movie crew to be kept at the Center for Culver History, the museum of the Antiquarian and Historical Society of Culver. Many costumes that were worn by the actors and several other signs and artifacts were donated.

The movie is expected to be released soon and the content is set up where there could be a “Little Savages 2”. Hollywood just may return to Culver in the near future.