Flu Season Approaching; Get Vaccinated Soon

Flu season isn’t quite here yet but it is right around the corner, and even now, the flu is always present and everyone is encouraged to get their flu shots. Lynch said everyone should get vaccinated, especially the elderly residents, pregnant women or anyone with health problems that are severely affected by the flu.

“Unless you have an egg allergy or anything of that nature – if there’s some medical reason as to why your doctor recommends that you do not get a flu shot – but otherwise, CDC recommends that everyone six months of age and older get a flu vaccination,” said Lynch.

Lynch explained the flu vaccinations can be found at health departments, pharmacies, and doctors’ offices, and most of the vaccines are designed to protect from the four strains of flu predicted to be most prevalent in the coming season.

Though it isn’t flu season, Lynch said people are encouraged to get their shots early.

“Flu season is usually in your fall and winter months, and usually it picks up and starts intensifying around February or March. What they’re wanting people to do now is get your flu shot early, while vaccines are available, that’s what they’ve said every year,” Lynch explained.

However, Lynch said it’s important not to get it too early; he said mid-October is ideal to ensure you are protected by the vaccine come flu season.

“As far as I know, there aren’t going to be any shortages or anything of that nature with flu vaccine this year, so I generally like to wait until around mid-October before I start doing my flu clinics, just in case, because in the past, what we were always told was if you get your flu shot too early, then it starts waning after about five months, then it’s going to start fading away on you come the peak of flu season,” Lynch explained.