Former Knox Girls Swim Coach to Appear in Court of Appeals

Robert "Ryan" Corbin
Robert “Ryan” Corbin
A former Knox High School gym teacher and girls varsity swim coach will appear before the Indiana Court of Appeals in an attempt to overturn Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall’s denial of his motion to dismiss the charges against him. Robert “Ryan” Corbin is accused of of inappropriate behavior with a 16-year-old student.

Police had previously interviewed both the student and Corbin and they both allegedly admitted to having conversations with each other. Inappropriate Facebook messages were sent, and conversations were also held via telephone and texting.

Starke County Prosecutor Nicholas Bourff told WKVI that the appellate court’s procedure is very different from a regular court setting, and oral arguments will be heard to determine whether or not Hall’s denial of the defendant’s motion to dismiss was fair.

“Both sides will be given 20 minutes for argument. The defendant is represented by his attorney, Nick Otis, and the state in this case at the appellate court is represented by the Indiana Attorney General’s office. The appellate court is free to ask questions whenever they want, of either attorney, at any point as they’re giving their arguments, but they are pretty strict with the allotted 20 minute timeline,” Bourff said.

The state must provie Corbin took a “substantial step” toward committing child seduction, while the defense must disprove that claim. The appeal will take place tomorrow, and Bourff said he will be present to help provide background information on the case.

Depending on how the case goes, Bourff said it could possibly end up at the Indiana Supreme Court.

“It could either go back to Starke Circuit Court, or depending on how the appellate court rules, either side could end up taking the case, at least trying to take the case, to the Indiana Supreme Court. The appellate court will probably take 30 to 60 days to issue a written opinion, where both sides are anticipating that would provide some guidance of what the next step would be,” said Bourff.

Corbin faces two counts of Attempted Child Seduction and the appeal hearing will determine how the case proceeds.