Fort Wayne Man Arrested in Marshall County


A Fort Wayne man who was traveling home from a court hearing in Chicago will now have a hearing in Marshall County after he was arrested on Tuesday on felony drug charges.

An officer with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle driven by 33-year-old Justin M. Horan on U.S. 30 just west of Oak Road for a speeding violation. During the course of the traffic stop, the officer found that the plates on the vehicle were fictitious and that Horan was in possession of a substance believed to be heroin. Drug paraphernalia was also found inside the vehicle.

Horan was arrested and booked into the Marshall County Jail on preliminary charges of Possession of a Controlled Substance greater than three grams, a Class C Felony, and Reckless Possession of Paraphernalia. Bond is pending.