ISTEP Scores Released on Parent Network Yesterday


The ISTEP scores came in yesterday, and while school-wide results won’t be released until next month, parents can still learn their child’s score by going online. After a number of delays affected the state’s ISTEP testing, parents should have received a special code that they can use to go online and see their child’s ISTEP results, including the scores that have been ruled invalid.

This year’s test was marred by computer problems which interrupted the test for at least some students in nearly all Indiana schools, and the state announced that its review of test scores found slightly fewer than 1400 it considers suspect. Those scores will have a disclaimer that notes they won’t count.

The Parent Network website provides assessment results of students to help parents understand strengths and learning needs. Parents will be able to see the results as soon as they are available and can review the child’s progress year after year.

Assessment results for Spring 2013 ISTEP+ results are now available, and parents can now request a rescore of open-ended items or essays. Requests for rescore must be submitted to the school before Sept. 30 for English/Language Arts, Mathematics and Social Studies. For more information, visit Reports including Science scores will be available in the fall.