Join WKVI’s Ed Hasnerl for a Branson Christmas

News Contributor, Ed Hasnerl
Ed Hasnerl
It wouldn’t be the holiday season without a trip to Branson with WKVI’s Ed Hasnerl. This year’s four-day, three-night excursion leaves Nov. 4 and returns Nov. 7. Hasnerl says this year’s itinerary features the most popular attractions of the past 18 years.

“One of them is the railroad ride, the Branson Scenic Railway. We’re going to take a 40-mile trip up into the Ozark Mountains and have lunch on the train. That was voted the most popular,” Hasnerl said.

Branson is home to more than 150 shows. Hasnerl selected a few favorites for this year’s trip.

“He used to be on The Branson Belle, Todd Oliver now has his own theater and his own show. He was a finalist on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ Oliver and Lucy are the talking dogs. You’ve got to see it to believe it. Then the Miracle of Christmas, which is the Christmas story live with animals. People love that,” Hasnerl said.

Hasnerl says another show on the agenda is extremely popular.

“Doug Gabriel is voted the Best of Entertainer of the Year in Branson several years, we’re going to see Doug Gabriel and have lunch at Mel’s Hard Luck. You go in and all along the wall are letters from stars that talk about their bad luck in their careers. And, one of my shows that turned out to be number one was the Roy Rogers, Jr. show,” said Hasnerl.

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