Knox Community School Board Discusses Enrollment

Superintendent A.J. Gappa
Superintendent A.J. Gappa
The Knox Community School Board received an update from Superintendent A.J. Gappa on how the corporation looks with enrollment.

“It appears we’re down a few students from last year. Our current enrollment in grades K-12 stands at 1,929 students and at the end of May we were at 1,943 students,” said Gappa.

Gappa said Knox happens to be a transient community in that students are moving in and out of the corporation.

“Many of the students are moving out of state to other schools, different parts of the state and some are local – neighboring school districts. We also have some coming in from the same areas – out of state and neighboring schools back and forth. Right now, it just appears the numbers moving out are higher than the numbers moving in for the current year. At some time, that could change because we are in a transient community.”

The official student count day will be Friday, Sept. 13. The administrators are doing what they can to ensure that all students attend school that day. Funding is determined by enrollment in a school corporation and it’s imperative that the students make sure they are in school on Sept. 13.