Knox Street Supt. Gives Update to Knox Board of Public Works

Knox Board of Public Works
Knox Board of Public Works

Knox Street Department Superintendent Jeff Borg told the Knox Board of Public Works last week that residents have been utilizing the compost pile and the recycling bin.

Borg stated that 54 truckloads of brush have been hauled from the area that sits across the street from the Knox City Police Department. He doesn’t know what has contributed in the influx of brush other than residents have been out cleaning yards. The rainy spring led to early and healthy growth of grass and brush this year.

Borg also noted that they have been out several times to do roadside mowing. It has let up a little with the current dry spell, but the workers have been busy attempting to keep up with it.

The recycling site just north of city hall is being utilized to a great extent this year. A truck comes by and picks up the recycling debris from the city lot twice a week. Borg stated that he’s trying to keep the area clean, but some larger items that people discard are creating an eyesore.