Marshall County Commissioners Approve Personnel Requests, Review Clerk’s Remodeling Plans


The Marshall County Council approved a request by Sheriff Tom Chamberlin to hire an officer to replace one who recently resigned. The council also approved a request by Clerk Julie Fox to hire a deputy clerk as Vicki Yost will be vacating the position when she moves to Alabama. Yost had worked in the clerk’s office for more than 10 years.

Clerk Julie fox also presented information on a remodeling proposal for the office. There is a federal requirement for confidentiality in the license division and she has presented a proposal to build walls where confidentiality needs to take place in the office. The traffic and support divisions have swapped areas and now the other divisions need to take place. She plans on using IV-D money for the project.

The council has no problem with the proposed plans, but Commissioner Kevin Overmyer stated the plans have not come before the commissioners for final approval. He noted that Fox may have approached each commissioner individually to discuss the project, but it has not been presented in a formal meeting. Fox is expected to come before the commissioners on Monday, Sept. 16 with the proposed plans.