Marshall County Council Discusses Budgets

The Marshall County Council was all about the budget process during their meeting Monday morning.

The council approved the Solid Waste, South West Lake Maxinkuckee Sewer District and Argos Community Schools budgets.

Plan Director Ralph Booker gave a non-binding review of the 2014 budgets for the townships, schools, libraries and cities and towns of the county.

The Culver Community School Corporation submitted a budget of about five percent lower than 2013 while the budget for the Town of Lapaz went down seven percent. A few townships reported a higher budget for the Cumulative Fire account where some departments have requested new fire trucks. Several school corporations increased their bus replacement funds as well in anticipation of purchasing new school buses.

In summary, county-wide township budgets total $3,067,409; the library budget equals $3,835,442; the cities and towns budget includes $21,968,026; and schools have a county-wide budget total of $105,873,633. Having no comments or changes, the council approved the recommendation to accept the Unit Budget Non-Binding Reviews and Recommendations.