Marshall County Council Makes Reductions to 2014 Budget


The Marshall County Council went through line items in the county’s budget on Monday morning and cut expenses where they thought necessary. Most of the cuts were discussed with department heads on Aug. 20 during an all-day budget hearing.

Approximately $37,000 was cut from the Marshall County Commissioners’ budget while $58,000 was transferred out of several line items in the sheriff’s budget to the certified shares budget. $20,000 was cut from county corrections’ budget as a jail nurse is no longer needed with the contract the county has signed with Quality Correctional Care. The prosecutor’s office was cut just over $40,000.

The probation department was denied funding out of the General Fund for another probation officer as it has for the past 11 years. The council denied the request as the council feels that individual could be paid with money already in one of the probation budgets that is rather healthy. The representative argued that the fund will dry up and a new officer is desperately needed, but the council stood firm in their decision with a 7-0 vote.

The council worked hard to get to a figure that the county could be comfortable with in 2014. The advertised budget was for a little over $8.9 million.