More Employment Data Released for August


The monthly employment report has been released for the month of August, but that report doesn’t tell the whole story. More information has been released regarding manufacturing job growth and other growth as well, highlighting the addition of jobs in the state.

Indiana ranked fourth in the nation in manufacturing job growth in August, having added more than 3000 jobs in the field, and ranked 10th in the nation in rate of growth over the month at 0.6 percent. Since the low point of employment in June 2009, the Hoosier state has added more than 60,000 manufacturing jobs, ranking second for manufacturing job creation since that point.

In addition, the state continues to have the highest percentage of manufacturing jobs as a portion of the private sector in the United States, and over the past year, the state’s percentage of growth in the Trade, Transportation and Utilities sector still outpaces the rest of the nation with a 4.8 percent growth. In this sector, growth over the past year – with 27,000 jobs added – ranks Indiana fourth in the country.

Indiana has also added 3,000 Private Educational and Health Services jobs, ranking eighth in the nation with a rate of 0.7 percent, making the state the eighth highest in the U.S.