Oregon-Davis Happy with IREAD3 Test Results

Oregon-Davis Jr./Sr. High School
Oregon-Davis Jr./Sr. High School
Oregon-Davis Elementary School Principal William Bennett received the IREAD3 exam results last week and was pleased with the results.

“When students took the first round of the IREAD3 test, we had 36 out of 40 students pass which came in at about 90 percent,” said Bennett. “After the summer retake, we had 38 out of 40 pass with 95 percent passing. The other two students had exceptions due to their special needs.”

The IREAD3 exam is administered to third grade students in the spring. Bennett says the teachers have several reading opportunities throughout the day for students.

“As a school, we follow the 90-minute reading block so every student in third grade gets 90 minutes of reading instruction. In addition to that, we have a school-wide intervention program where there’s 30 minutes of no new content introduced during the day, but it’s time where the students have an opportunity to possibly make up past skills that they were deficit on. It’s a time for kids who are proficient to even get higher. For those students who are really excelling, we introduce them to new grade-level content,” Bennett explained.

In the previous years’ IREAD3 test at Oregon-Davis, all of the students passed.