Phone Scam Returns to Knox Area

Knox City Police Chief Clint Norem is warning you of a scam that has resurfaced in the area.

A caller claiming to be from Texas recently called a Knox resident to say that his granddaughter was arrested in Texas and she needs bail money to get out of jail. A woman was then put on the phone to talk to the grandparent and pleaded for bail money. Upon further investigation, there was no arrest and the victim was out a lot of cash.

Norem says that if you encounter a similar phone call, request the name of the jail facility in which the alleged person is incarcerated to verify that the person is there. Ask specific questions to make sure that the person claiming to be the grandchild is actually your grandchild. Never give out any personal information, especially social security numbers. After your conversation, notify your local law enforcement agency so officers can keep track of the activity.