Public Hearing Held on Oregon-Davis 2014 School Budget

Oregon-Davis Jr./Sr. High School
Oregon-Davis Jr./Sr. High School

The Oregon-Davis School Board held a public hearing on the 2014 annual budget Monday night. The budget covers several funds including the General Fund, Capital Projects Transportation/Bus Replacement, Referendum, Rainy Day, Debt Service, and Retirement/Severance Bond Fund.

Interim Superintendent Greg Briles said there were a couple of patrons who asked specific questions about the budget.

“Questions were asked in regards to what our intentions were for the 2014 budget,” explained Briles. “The response from the board and myself as well was we are going to keep our spending at a minimum. We are going to be respectful to our community and to our taxpayers in regards to spending.”

Briles stressed that there will be no deviations from the budget as far as bus replacements.

“We are looking at possibly only replacing one bus instead of two in order to help offset some of our funds.”

The board will send off the budget for state approval.