Pulaski Council Approves Salary Ordinance Revision for Sheriff’s Department

Pulaski County Sheriff's Department
Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department

The Pulaski County Council on Monday approved a revision to the salary ordinance regarding dispatchers for the sheriff’s department, reducing their number of hours per week while increasing their base pay. This will allow them to work 40 hours per week as opposed to 42 hours as they have been while keeping their paychecks the same.

Dispatch Supervisor Carol Crist explained during the meeting that dispatchers work paycheck to paycheck, and none of them were complaining about the number of hours they worked in a week. However, with the decrease of two hours a day, that would cut more than $50 from their paychecks, which she said could make a big difference.

Because the amount of money going to dispatchers’ pay would not change due to reduced hours alongside the rate increase, no additional funds would need to be budgeted. The council approved the revised salary ordinance including the rate increase and reduction of hours.

In addition, the council approved a motion to allow Crist to hire a part-time dispatcher and allocate funds to do so from the personal healthcare contract fund.