SCEDF to Present Robert E. Hamilton Award During Prospectus and Achievements Night


The third annual “Prospectus and Achievements Night” hosted by the Starke County Economic Development Foundation will be Thursday, Oct. 3 at Knox Middle School.

One of the highlights of the meeting will be the awarding of the Robert E. Hamilton award. This award is given to a person who has contributed a great amount of service in the field of economic development as well as the community as a whole.

This year’s award winner is Van H. Janovic. He has provided engineering and surveying services to virtually every municipality in Starke County and has often lent aid to several not-for-profit organizations since 1978.

Janovic is a Starke County native. He graduated from Grovertown High School and then received a degree in Civil Engineering in 1966. He became a part of Territorial Engineering in 1978 in Starke County and remains there. He continues to work with projects in Starke County and the SCEDF.

Van Janovic joins previous award winners who include Jack Lynch, Mathew Swanson and Nancy Dembowski.

The public is welcome to attend this event which begins at 5:30 p.m. CT at the Knox Middle School.