Seasonal Allergens to Be Strong This Fall

Starke County Health Nurse Frank Lynch
Starke County Health Nurse Frank Lynch

Bad news for those with allergies: experts say this fall will have the same allergen intensity as spring of this year, when pollen dusted vehicles and sniffling noses ran amok. Starke County Health Nurse Frank Lynch said the spring allergy season was horrible, and fall is shaping up to be just as bad.

Lynch said he doesn’t have any special tips or tricks for those who suffer from allergies, other than the typical advice; that is, avoid allergens and medicate symptoms.

“Same as what they always have, just try to avoid things that are going to flare up your allergies and sinuses, and when they are, just try to manage the symptoms the best they can – be it medication provided by their doctor or if they’re getting something over-the-counter, just to make real sure that they’re following the directions as prescribed as far as dosing and for children, you don’t want to just kind of take a good guess and give a child something that they should not be having at all,” Lynch explained.

Lynch emphasized that even if you didn’t suffer from allergies in the past, anyone can develop allergies at any time; even Lynch said he was experiencing allergies this spring and doesn’t look forward to the fall allergens, even though he never had seasonal allergies in the past.

The symptoms of seasonal allergies vary, Lynch said, but they typically include itchy, watery eyes and a runny nose.

“Usually if somebody suffers from allergies on a regular basis, they know exactly when an allergy attack’s coming on,” Lynch said. “But generally, you’re going to have a flare up of your sinuses; increased pressure in the sinus cavity; itchy, watery eyes; cough – allergies affect everybody different, so everybody is going to have different symptoms, but as far as on those lines, it’s just snotty nose and runny eyes.”