Starke Commissioners Approve County Road 300 East Plans


The Starke County Commissioners last week approved the plans for the County Road 300 East project at the behest of Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler, who explained the project will make the industrial park in that area more desirable for businesses.

“The plans to widen the road from Culver Road to basically the bridge just south of State Road 8, and it is to accommodate businesses for the Starke County Industrial Park, and it will allow better access to the park. This is in conjunction with another project on 300 East that’s going to widen the intersection at State Road 8 and 300. It’s going to allow trucks better access into the park, thus making the industrial park more desirable for businesses to come in,” Ritzler explained.

Ritzler said his department is not yet sure of the timeline, but expects the bids for the work to be let in February 2014. After that, he said, the construction should start around April 2014, and while there are no concrete estimates yet, he said the costs came in around $2,711,000. That is a rough estimate, he said, but better estimates are expected before the bid is let.