Starke Commissioners Enact Delinquent Tax Policy for Employees

The Starke County Commissioners yesterday morning passed a motion enacting a policy to deduct pay from employees who are delinquent in their property taxes. Treasurer Kasey Clark told the commissioners that she worked with County Attorney Martin Lucas to draft a policy for employees and vendors who are behind on their taxes, and she said it’s a basic policy that outlines how to go about getting the money owed to the county.

Clark said the policy allows the employee 15 days to contact the treasurer’s office before the paycheck deductions begin with a 5 percent penalty as per Indiana code – 10 percent for taxes behind more than 30 days. For vendors to whom the county owes money, however, Clark said the treasurer’s office has discretion and can take their owed taxes out of a bill.

Commissioner Kent Danford made the motion to approve the policy and review its effectiveness in one year. The commissioners unanimously approved the motion.