Starke Council Approves Budget, Salaries

The Starke County Council this week made a number of salary and budget-related adoptions, including the salary for the sheriff in 2015. The council first adopted the county’s 2014 budget, having held a number of workshops and discussions, according to Council President Dave Pearman, who said this is “as good as it’s going to get.” He said the budget is based on the county’s levy, and County Auditor Kay Chaffins was instrumental in the budgets development.

The council approved the budget with no changes, along with the budget for solid waste.

In addition, the council passed the county’s salary ordinance, which Pearman described as “exciting work,” that was aided by an IU intern, who will soon make a presentation to the council regarding the specifics of the salaries. A motion to accept was passed, and according to Commissioner Jennifer Davis, the length, education, requirements of the job and other factors help to determine the salaries.

Finally, the council approved the salary for the sheriff effective in 2015, after a bit of discussion. With Pulaski County’s sheriff bringing home around $67,600 and Marshall County’s sheriff earning $78,255, councilman Marvin McLaughlin reportedly recommended that the county sheriff receive a salary of $87,500. While councilman Mitch Semans believes you “get what you pay for,” councilman Tony Radkiewicz said he feels that is too high. However, the motion passed 4–1, adopting the salary with Radkiewicz opposed.