Starke County Community Foundation Still Offering Preschool Scholarships

The Starke County Community Foundation continues in its efforts of making one year of preschool education affordable for every child in Starke County, and to that end, there are still scholarships available for families who wish to send their child to preschool but are financially unable to do so.

Director of Development Sarah Origer said it’s not too late to receive a preschool scholarship and encourages parents who need to send their child to preschool but are concerned about the cost to contact their local preschool for information on enrolling in the program. Participating preschools include Foundations Child Care, Little Lambs Preschool, Adventure Island Preschool, Oregon-Davis Preschool, Knox Elementary Preschools, and St. Peter Lutheran Preschool. Scholarships are available to 4-year-olds whose families show financial need.

On top of the SCCF’s dedication of $10,000 in grant money to support scholarships for Starke County students to attend preschool, the Kankakee Valley REMC’s Operation Round-Up also granted $2500 toward the project. As if that weren’t enough, the community has also joined in the cause with many local individuals and businesses putting forth money for the scholarships as well.

According to a press release from the SCCF, research has shown that children who attend preschool are more likely to read at grade level and are less likely to need remedial or special education. On top of that, it helps them to avoid grade repetition, better prepares them for jobs in the future and helps them to enjoy higher incomes due to higher educational attainment. Further, research shows that preschool attendance helps to lower criminal casualties and prison costs, as well as reduce welfare payments.

For more information on applying for a scholarship or contributing to the program, contact Origer by email at, or by calling (574) 772-3665.