Starke County Veteran Service Officer Tenders Resignation

Gordon Richie
Gordon Richie
Plagued by medical issues, Starke County Veteran Service Officer Gordon Richie this week told the county commissioners that it is with a heavy heart that he must tender his resignation. Because Richie does not qualify for FMLA, his position cannot be held open for him, and Commissioner Kathy Norem said she is scared of setting a precedent if they were to reserve that position for Richie.

Richie told the commissioners that his heart is with the office, but the veterans deserve someone manning that office who can perform at 100 percent, and he just isn’t up to that because of the medical complications he has been dealing with. He said the doctor agreed that he could return to work today, but he said he knows he would not be able to “give it his all.”

Commissioner Jennifer Davis emphasized that they did not want Richie to feel he is getting “pushed out,” and he said that he feels he is unable to do his job and won’t be ready Monday; consequently, he said he is tendering his resignation.

The commissioners said they were all sad to see him go and regretfully accepted his resignation, stating he’s “done a tremendous job.”