Starke/Pulaski Habitat for Humanity Still Accepting Applications; None Yet Qualify


Starke/Pulaski Habitat for Humanity is still accepting applications to build a home for a family in need, but according to Steve Morrison of Habitat, they have not yet received any qualifying applications. While that is frustrating, he said, they are still accepting applications for this great opportunity to help a family.

“We’re restricted by the guidelines of the International Habitat for Humanity as to the income levels and job responsibilities and the various credit bureau reports standings with the individuals, and we’ve just been unfortunate so far in getting someone who truly qualifies for Habitat for Humanity. But, we continue to look at people and continue to accept applications and hope that we can come up with one that we can build a house for,” said Morrison.

Morrison said the organization has been keeping busy, however, despite the lack of qualifying applications. He said they have been working on another project: doing small projects for community members, and they’ve already done more than four of these “Brush of Kindness” works.

“We’ve done some of what we call ‘Brush of Kindness,’ or just little repair jobs or little updates or so forth on a person’s home that needs some help, maybe an elderly person, or whatever reason that they can still make applications through various organizations and if we can, we’ll get out there and we’ll try to help them do a little job,” Morrison said.

In addition, Morrison said Habitat for Humanity is looking into putting a ReStore in Winamac while they wait for applications. This weekend, a ReStore garage sale will take place on West Street in Winamac where they’ll be selling hardware equipment, paint and other items.

Morrison said there are multiple ways to apply, including online at

“Probably the easiest way would be to go onto our website and there is a short-form app-type thing there that can give them a good idea, plus then our phone numbers, address. They can talk to Bridget at Hoppe Hardware in North Judson or they can call me here at Monterey Bank in Monterey,” Morrison explained.