Unemployment Report Released for August

The unemployment rate in Starke County has dropped by one percentage point, according to the unemployment report released for August. Starke County’s unemployment rate is now at 8.8 percent, ranking 14th in the state but still 0.7 percentage points higher than the state’s unemployment rate and 1.5 percentage points higher than that of the nation.

Pulaski County dropped by 0.8 percentage points, ranking 79th in the state at 6.2 percent. Marshall County came in at 7.7 percent, having dropped by 0.6 percentage points, ranking 36th. LaPorte County came in at 9.1 percent, dropping 0.8 percent, ranking 10th. Fulton County dropped 0.6 percentage points for 7.9 percent and ranking 33rd. St. Joseph County also dropped 0.8 percent, ranking 11th at 9 percent, and Porter County came in at 7.6 percent, dropping 0.6 percentage points for 37th.

Only one county suffered an increase in its unemployment rate, while the other 91 counties’ unemployment rates dropped.

The five Indiana counties with the highest unemployment rates are Sullivan County with 10.7 percent, Fayette County with 10 percent, Vermillion County with 9.8 percent, Vigo County with 9.6 percent and Lake County with 9.4 percent.

Meanwhile, the lowest unemployment rates in Indiana counties include Dubois County with the lowest rate at 5.1 percent, Hamilton County at 5.4 percent, Daviess County with 5.5 percent, Bartholomew County with 5.5 percent as well, and Hendricks County at 5.7 percent.