Watch for Slow Moving Farm Equipment This Harvest Season


While the harvest season isn’t in full swing yet, it’s just around the corner. Be prepared to see farm implements on the highways and county roads.

When you see a piece of farm equipment on the road, slow down. Watch for hand signals as the tractor operator may be pulling over to make a rather wide turn and may not be indicating to you that you may pass.

It is not recommended that you speed past farm machinery. You may be passing safely and legally, but turbulence created by your vehicle may cause the machinery to become unstable. Don’t pull out in front of large farm implement and slow suddenly. The reaction time of a large piece of equipment slows the bigger it gets.

It’s a good reminder to farmers that you should make sure all safety lights are clean and working before operating machinery. Try not to group pieces of equipment together when traveling on high-traffic roadways. You might want to consider a follow car with flashing hazard lights and keep all lights on even in the daytime.