West Central to Apply for Safe and Secure School Grant


The West Central School Corporation is in the process of writing the secure and safe school grant.

Superintendent Charles Mellon explained that the state is giving a $50,000 matching grant to schools with over 1,000 students in a school corporation and a $35,000 matching grant to schools with less than 1,000 students in a school corporation. West Central fits in the $35,000 matching grant category which, if awarded, the school will use the money to upgrade security at the buildings. That could include hiring a security officer, buying equipment or performing a security audit.

“What we’re planning on doing is addressing the three entry doors, the main office doors, to our buildings,” stated Mellon. “Even though we have sight of those doors, they are open during the day. We’re going to more of a lock system where they buzz into the office, identify themselves, and then from behind the desk the secretaries then can allow the people to come in.”

Mellon added that he has received the quotes for the system and the total cost would be less than $20,000. There is a plan in place in case the corporation doesn’t receive the grant.

“If we do not receive the grant because it is a competitive grant, the board has chosen to go ahead and go the project.”