Bomb Threat Reported at NJ-SP High School

A bomb threat has been reported at the North Judson-San Pierre High School, according to a press release from the school superintendent and high school principal. The threat was reportedly written in a bathroom stall, mentioning a date and time – Oct. 18 at noon – and while officials say they truly believe it is a hoax and an extension from last year’s threat, they stated that they “do need to take appropriate precautions to ensure the safety” of their students.

Even though the threat was said to be specific to the high school, all buildings will be on high alert. All boxes and containers have been removed from hallways and teachers checked their rooms thoroughly before leaving for the day, locking up afterwards. Administration and law enforcement will secure the school with gates down and perform another sweep of classrooms tonight.

Night custodians will ensure the lockdown and security of the building before leaving tonight, and tomorrow morning, all backpacks and bags at the middle school and high school will be searched before entering the building. Students will have limited access to hallway passes. The elementary will have heightened security.

The release states that officials are very frustrated with the situation but students’ safety is their number one priority. If another incident occurs of this nature, the release states the school will be forced to enforce restrictions.