Check Candy before it is Consumed on Halloween

candySafety is the number one priority this Halloween and with inclement weather predicted, make sure you take precautions and dress appropriately for trick or treating tonight.

After children gather as much candy as can, urge them not to eat any of it before it can be inspected. Check all candy under plenty of lighting. Discard any piece of candy that may have lumps or bulges under the wrappers, punctures or pinholes in wrappers or boxes, ripped wrappers, or loose wrappers. Discard candy that isn’t in the original box or wrapper. Throw out any candy brands that you may not recognize or candy that has passed its expiration date.

If your child gets a piece of candy with a twisted wrapper, be cautious as it can be tampered with and then re-wrapped easily. Do not accept fruit as a Halloween treat.
Throw away any homemade treats given by strangers.

Call your local police department if you have found any tainted pieces of candy.