City of Knox to Refund $200 BZA Fee

Knox City Council
Knox City Council

The city of Knox will be refunded a $200 fee from the Board of Zoning Appeals for Gary Dulin after the city council this week approved the refund due to a city ordinance that had been overlooked before the fee was charged. Mayor Rick Chambers told the council that Plan Commissioner Bruce Williams had been working with Dulin on Water Street regarding a request from Dulin to keep horses on his land, and charged a $200 BZA fee in order for the matter to be reviewed.

However, an ordinance in the city prohibits horses from being located within 300 yards of a neighboring property. Because that ordinance was overlooked and the matter does not need to proceed to the BZA, the council approved a motion to refund the fee.

In addition, the mayor gave an update on the city’s exterminator contract. He said he has learned that the contract requires a 30 day notice before renewal in order to cancel, and he said the city must wait until next year to file the notice. The contract was signed in July for one year, and the matter will be reviewed again in the spring.

Chambers noted that Husband Exterminators filed the lowest qualifying bid and the city will likely award them the contract when the time comes.