Few Violations of City Golf Cart Ordinance


Golf cart use on public roadways has been a hot topic ever since the state gave city and town government officials the option of adopting an ordinance for their use within jurisdictions.

Knox City Police Chief Clint Norem said residents have upheld the laws of the city’s ordinance.

“For the most part, the public has followed our local city ordinances,” commented Norem. “We’ve had few exceptions were there were some misunderstandings about the age requirements for an operator of a golf cart. It’s been going well and we haven’t had any major issues.”

Another troublesome area is the operation of golf carts on state highways.

“State law only grants motor vehicles to cross state roads and U.S. routes only if they can be registered as a motor vehicle. The Bureau of Motor Vehicles will not register a golf cart. Therefore, under our ordinance they can legally operate a golf cart on a city street. They are not to cross State Road 8 or U.S. 35.”

Under the city ordinance, golf carts must be insured and the operator must possess a valid driver’s license. Norem stressed that if a person is operating a golf cart and that person does not have a license, he or she is in violation of the ordinance. Underage children who do not have a valid driver’s license are not allowed to operate a golf cart.

A copy of the city ordinance is available in the clerk-treasurer’s office.