Fly Fishing Class Oct. 19 Offers Tips, Tricks for Fly Fishermen

Get ready to cast those lines! A fly fishing course is scheduled for Oct. 19 with sign-ups now open for both the beginner and intermediate/advanced sessions, sponsored by the Plymouth Park Department. The classes will be held at the Conservation Clubhouse, and anyone interested can call the Plymouth Park Department to sign up at (574) 936-2876. The first class for beginners starts at 9 a.m. and ends at noon before the intermediate/advanced class kicks off at 1 p.m., ending at 2:30 p.m.

The beginner class offers participants the opportunity to learn when and why to use fly fishing and helps them to gain an understanding of what the best weight fly rod and fly line is to use for various methods of fishing. Participants will learn about leaders and tippet in addition to line types, fly fishing safety and etiquette, and the various types of flies. The principles of casting will also be shared, as well as tying flies and basic knots and bugs. The class is limited to only five participants with a minimum age of 11 years old.

In the intermediate/advanced class, participants will learn how to improve their fly casting accuracy and distance with several different specially made targets. They will also review the five casting principles that help fly fishermen become more proficient in handling different casting situations and learn how to eliminate tailing loops and how to double haul. The intermediate class will consist of a maximum of two participants with a minimum age of 11 years old as well.

Both classes cost $10 and participants must bring their own rod.