Gas Prices Spike; Says Soon to Drop


With gas prices hovering around $3.55 locally and a state average of $3.43, the cost of gas is creeping back up to stressful prices. However, Patrick DeHaan with assures drivers that this is a temporary spike that will soon be dropping. He said refinery kinks are to blame.

“What happened in the last week was we had a few minor refinery kinks that flared up, and the market reacted according, but in the last few days the refinery kinks were notable but managed to be solved very quickly. Now we have seen wholesale prices drop, but we did see a spike up in prices across the state of Indiana,” said DeHaan.

DeHaan said the state average is still about two cents higher than it was a week ago, but about the same as last month at this time. He said we are already starting to see prices back down, even though some areas saw prices spike just yesterday. DeHaan explained it seems a lot of areas are on their way back down price-wise, but the drop should be more noticeable tomorrow.

Prices, he said, went up to about $3.55 a gallon on Monday, the most recent peak. However, in the summer, he said prices were well over $4 per gallon and we are still paying less than that – 20 cents less per gallon than a year ago.