Hunting Accident Spurs Hunting Safety Reminders

A hunting accident under investigation in Newton County this week has prompted Indiana conservation officers to remind hunters to stay safe while hunting, particularly when perched in an elevated tree stand. A hunter fell to the ground from a tree stand approximately 20 feet from the ground, and the investigation revealed that 18-year-old Tyler Claus had fallen asleep prior to falling from the stand.

Claus was able to use his cell phone to call a friend who was hunting nearby, and was treated at the scene by the Newton County EMS for a possible broken hip before being transported to Riverside Hospital in Kankakee, Ill. for further treatment.

Falls from elevated tree stands are one of the most common deer hunting accidents investigated by conservation officers throughout the state. Fortunately, these accidents are easily avoided through the use of proper equipment including steady, well-constructed stands and ladders and a full body safety harness. In addition, hunters are urged to carry cell phones and inform others when and where they will be hunting.

As an alternative to elevated tree stands, deer hunters may also hunt from ground blinds. Visit for hunting laws and regulations pertaining to ground blinds.