Indiana Court of Appeals Rules in Robert “Ryan” Corbin’s Favor

Robert "Ryan" Corbin
Robert “Ryan” Corbin

The Indiana Court of Appeals released a decision regarding the charges filed against former Knox High School teacher Robert “Ryan” Corbin.

A hearing was held in September in the Indiana Court of Appeals where oral arguments were heard in the case of Robert “Ryan” Corbin who was accused of two counts of Attempted Child Seduction. It was Corbin’s attempt to overturn Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall’s denial of a motion to dismiss the charges of Attempted Child Seduction against him.

The Indiana Court of Appeals reviewed the case to decide whether or not Corbin took a substantial step in attempting child seduction as charged. The court found that Corbin did not take a substantial step in committing attempted child seduction. Because his requests to engage in sexual behavior were Internet-based and did not require an immediate act, the court concluded that Corbin’s Internet-based solicitations did not constitute a substantial step toward the crime of child seduction.

The Appellate Court reversed the Starke Circuit Court’s decision to dismiss the charges.