Input is Sought for State Wildlife Action Plan

The Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife is updating the State Wildlife Action Plan and is seeking your input.

The organization and the DNR needs your success stories and your assistance in shaping the future and establishing outcome to the natural resource community.

Three different dates have been set for public input. The northern region meeting is set for Thursday, Oct. 3 at the Newton Center in Lakeville from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. ET. Lunch will be provided.

The State Wildlife Action Plan incorporates all fish and wildlife species within the state. It also identifies the condition of Indiana’s wildlife species and habitats, the problems they face, and the actions needed to ensure their long-term success. Your input is crucial in helping assess the area’s habitats and the positives and negatives of those habitats, plus the species that inhabit those areas.

Officials hope the plan also obtains crucial federal funds to the state for the protection, conservation, and management of wildlife species. To obtain funding, the plan needs to be revised and sent by October 2015, thus the recommendation for your participation.

For more information, visit or call Julie Kempf at (317) 234-3539 or Amands Wuestefeld at (317) 234-8442.