IU Health Offering Discounted Mammograms Stressing Early Detection

IU Health is offering discounted screening mammograms at a number of locations in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month throughout the entire month of October. The mammograms are offered for $95 at several locations; to schedule an appointment, contact IU Health LifePlex Imaging at (800) 654-4841, ext. 2444 or IU Health Starke Hospital at (574) 772-1177.

According to the American Cancer Society, mammograms are the most effective and valuable tool for early detection of breast cancer, and Katie Sarver, wellness outreach program manager for IU Health LaPorte, agrees.

“Mammograms are extremely important, because this is actually going to assist in detecting possible cancer. So, early detection is the best protection in a sense, so we want to make sure women are getting their mammograms starting at 40. If they are at high-risk because of a family history, they want to speak with their physician and see if they should be getting screened earlier than that because we want to make sure that these women are being detected early and the cancer can be caught and treated before it gets too far,” Sarver explained.

IU Health specialists recommend mammograms as a woman’s best defense against breast cancer along with regular monthly self-breast exams. Physicians use baseline screening mammograms to compare the results of future mammograms noting any changes in size, shape and location for earlier detection of abnormalities. Women who have not yet had an annual mammogram are invited to participate in this monthly special.

Patients must be asymptomatic and have no prior history of breast cancer. No physician order required; however, a primary care physician is required to receive results. Patients are responsible for payment in full at time of service. Acceptable payment methods include cash, check, credit or debit. In order to offer this service at a discount, IU Health does not bill insurance; patients should not submit to their insurance carriers for reimbursement.