Knox City Council Discusses City Court

 The Knox City Council briefly discussed costs of operating the Knox City Court.

Mayor Rick Chambers explained that in 2012, after the disbursements of fees, the court took in $53,834.81 and the cost to operate the court was $98,345. The court system did not use $11,400 last year so the total cost absorbed by the city was $86,945.83.

It was explained that the money taken in in a judgment is separated between the city, county and the state per state statute. The state has the biggest cut of the fees. All of the funds that are collected by city court is put into the General Fund.

The Knox City Court hears all misdemeanor offenses for all of the county. This includes ordinance infractions, traffic tickets and misdemeanor criminal offenses.

The council members are trying to come up with a solution to not continually subsidize the city court and will need to make a decision next year.