Knox Council May Soon Raise Ordinance Fines

Knox City Council
Knox City Council

The Knox City Council at their meeting last night discussed the possibility of modifying their schedule of ordinance violation fines after City Police Chief Clint Norem advised them that some of the fees, particularly those associated with parking, are very low. He said the cost involved doesn’t come close to the expense of filing the fine, sending notices and sending an officer out to write the fine up.

For instance, for wrong-way parking, Norem explained the cost is often $5 and only $10 for those who park on the street when it is off limits for street sweeping. Mayor Rick Chambers said it is a possibility that the council could explore, and councilman Don Kring said the fines should be increased to “get peoples’ attention.”

With the amount of work involved in filing the paperwork and sending notices, the costs need to be raised, according to Norem, and City Attorney David Matsey agreed. He said there is “no overall sense of continuity.”

The board will discuss the matter further in the future.