Knox Middle School Celebrates Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon WeekThis is Red Ribbon Week and the Knox Middle School students will be busy with activities to show that they are drug free.

Today, students will be signing a banner and pledging to be drug and tobacco free. Students and staff will receive a red ribbon to wear and show support of a drug and tobacco free lifestyle.

 On Tuesday, students will plant red tulips at the middle school for National Plant the Promise Week. When the tulips bloom in the spring, it will serve as a reminder to stay drug free.

 Motivational speaker, David Parnell, will speak to the students and staff Wednesday afternoon to about his struggle with drug abuse and his attempt at suicide in which he shot himself in the face. It has required 30 surgeries to repair the damage, but he remains drug free and travels the country to tell everyone of his past troubles to encourage the public to stay drug free.