LaPorte Police Investigate Possible Case of Elder Neglect


Officers from the LaPorte City Police Department are investigating a case involving possible elder neglect.

Police responded to the home in the 1600 block of Ohio Street three times within six days after receiving requests to check on an elderly woman who resides at a home with her adult grandson.

When the police and Adult Protective Services responded the first time, they found that the NIPSCO meter to the home was locked and was not running. There was no heat or electricity provided to the home. Investigators later spoke with the grandson who stated that he didn’t have the money to pay utilities and the heat and electricity had been turned off for the past two months. When officers checked the residence, very little food was found inside the residence. The suspect told officers they ate out a lot of the time and didn’t keep much food in the house.

On Tuesday, an officer found that fire and EMS personnel were at the home and they were there to check on the victim who reportedly sustained a work-related injury. The victim then told police that she had given her grandson $1,800 within the last two months to pay for the utilities and couldn’t understand why the utilities had not been turned on. She also stated that she signed over the home over to the grandson and another grandchild and were wanting to sell the home.

The victim was transported to the hospital for further treatment. This case remains under investigation.