Marshall County Commissioners Approve Grant Approval and Administration Policy

The Marshall County Commissioners approved an ordinance that streamlines the process in which to apply for federal grant money.

A procedural hiccup was noted by a few departments when applying for federal grants. This has prompted the county attorney to put adopt a grant approval policy for each department that has to apply for federal funds.

Attorney Jim Clevenger explained to the board of commissioners that a formal ordinance has not yet been written as this issue was to be brought before the board during the Oct. 21 meeting, but urged the commissioners to approve something now and it will be available for their signatures on the 21st.

The Marshall County Grant Approval and Administration Policy (ordinance 2013-15) requires all department heads applying for federal funds to present their proposals to the commissioners and to the council for review before they are sent. Those grants will then be pre-approved.

The commissioners suspended the rules and approved all three readings. All three members and the auditor will then sign the ordinance on Oct. 21.