Marshall County Commissioners Approve Motion Regarding Property Sale

The Marshall County Commissioners approved a motion to help speed up an already year-long process in the sale of property.

Brenda Hoffer and her attorney Jim Easterday appeared before the commissioners to discuss the release of the revisionary interest on a piece of property that sits on the New Wine Church property. Hoffer is willing to buy the piece of property and even keep up the adjacent cemetery, but the property is owned by the county and the county needs to release its revisionary interest on the parcel so the sale can be completed. The sale has been ongoing for a year.

The commissioners agreed to move forward with following the guidelines under Indiana Code 36-1-11-5 which outlines the sale of property having certain value or previously part of right-of-way; rights of abutting landowners; procedures. The assessed value of the property in question is less than $15,000 and notice of the sale must be published for the notification of other possible bidders. One appraisal will be sought by the commissioners.