Marshall County Commissioners Pass Ordinances after Holding Public Hearings


The Marshall County Commissioners held three public hearings Monday morning.

Christopher Martin was before the commissioners with Planning Director Ralph Booker to request that his parcel of land located in the Deer Trace Subdivision in West Township on Eastwood Drive in Plymouth be rezoned. He requested it be changed from Lake Residential (L-1) to Agricultural (A-1). He explained that he would like to have small livestock on his property near the lake for his children who participate in 4-H.

The plan commission previously approved the request with a 7-2 vote. Deb Griewank, who serves as a member of the Plan Commission Board and who is a Marshall County commissioner, voted against the request stating that his family may only want to put small livestock on that property but if they sell it, the next owner may want to have more larger livestock. She also called it “spot zoning” which she was not in favor of. Griewank called for a motion to deny the zoning request which died for a lack of a second. Commissioner Jack Roose then called for a motion to approve stating that he was all for supporting a family realizing a dream and it was land previously zoned agriculture. Roose’s motion was seconded by Commissioner Kevin Overmyer so it passed with a vote of 2-1. The rules were then suspended and the commissioners approved all three readings with a 2-1 vote.

David McCallum approached the commissioners request with a similar request. He owns property near Koontz Lake on 4B Road in Polk Township in Marshall County. He also told the commissioners that he would like have the property rezoned from Lake Residential to Agricultural, which the plan commission previously approved with a 6-3 vote. He wants to have small livestock on his property so his children can participate in livestock projects in 4-H. He also plans to build a log cabin on the property. Again, Commissioner Griewank called for a motion to deny the request citing the same issues and again the motion died for a lack of a second. Commissioner Roose moved to approve the request which was seconded by Commissioner Overmyer. The rules were suspended an the ordinance passed on all three readings with a vote of 2-1.

Two residents did speak during the second public hearing and posed questions about the change in taxes, but the amount of taxes wouldn’t change as a property owner is taxed on how the property is assessed. One resident stated that if the owners wanted to raise livestock, move to the country.

The commissioners also approved on a unanimous vote an addition to an article in the permit section in the ordinance book. The addition includes a section concerning the demolition of buildings in the incorporated limits. No charge would be assessed for a demolition permit.