NIPSCO, Energizing Indiana Offer Home Energy Assessments

With winter right around the corner, NIPSCO and Energizing Indiana are working together to not only improve the comfort and efficiency of homes but save energy as well through a home energy assessment. These assessments lay out ways to improve the efficiency and comfort of your home with an in-home energy assessment with the aid of an energy advisor who will analyze your energy use, recommend weatherization measures and help install low-cost energy-saving measures.

Once the assessment has been completed, you will receive a comprehensive report on your home’s efficiency and ideas for energy-saving improvements. The Home Energy Assessment Program is available to all NIPSCO electric customers at no additional cost. To learn more and schedule your assessment, call 1-888-446-7750 or visit Energizing Indiana.

These assessments offered by NIPSCO and Energizing Indiana can raise your home’s performance, lower energy bills, improve in-home air quality and increase your home’s value. Energy advisors will not only analyze your energy use to ensure appliances are operating efficiently, but will also recommend appropriate weatherization measures. They will also help to facilitate the installation of CFL bulbs, energy efficient sink aerators and shower heads.

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