NJ-SP Prepares to Purchase Two New Buses


The North Judson-San Pierre School Board will have prices for two new, 72-passenger school buses when they meet next month. Corporation business manager Guy Richie is using the state’s new online purchasing system to obtain that information.

“The bids have already been done and submitted to the state,” Richie told the board. “You simply put in the type of bus you want, your specs, your additional equipment and such.” The website then calculates the price of the bus, subtracts the school corporation’s trade-in value and returns a price within 30 minutes or so.

The school board will still need to approve the purchases. This is the first year N.J.-S.P. is using this system to purchase buses. In the past the corporation had to publish legal notices with detailed information about the kind of buses they wanted to buy and make a purchasing decision after bids were received.