North Judson NAPA Soon to Relocate

A prominent auto parts supplier in North Judson will soon be relocating to obtain more space for stock and better serve the community. Joe Elder, manager at the North Judson NAPA, told WKVI that the business plans to move operations to the building that once housed North Judson Foods. He said the reason for the move is to be able to hold more stock, as their current location is getting too small to keep necessary items in stock.

“This way we’ve got a larger location; we can have a lot more stock and also be able to serve the community in Starke County on this end, in North Judson, and farmers in this location. That way they don’t have to run clear over to the county seat and purchase parts. That’s our plan; we just figure if we can get a little bit bigger we can carry more things and not have people driving an extra 20 miles out of their way,” said Elder.

Elder said the plan to move began about six months ago, when they began looking around the area to find a better location. He said they were originally supposed to move there in June, but setbacks with the owner of the building caused them to stay at their current location at 209 W. Talmer Ave. until November. As a result, he said they will hopefully be moving in the beginning of November to their new location at 51 S. Main St., but that could change. He’s hoping to have the move finished before Nov. 6.

NAPA has been serving customers at their current location for the last 14 years – 10 years under the previous owner and four years under the current management.